About The Pro

Technology is everywhere and is rapidly over taking our lives. Let us be the middleman and assist your gadgets to work better for you. All our repairs are completed with meticulous detail, resulting in a product that is as good as new. A 90 day warranty is included on all of our work.



Desktop and Laptop Repair / Upgrades

Make it run like new

The Gadget Pro can make your computer run and look like new by removing viruses, rootkits, ad-ware, malware, and spyware. Along with upgrading hardware and replacing broken parts (screens, case, optical drives etc). We can install a new computer and transfer all your data from your old computer, like  contacts, documents, photos, and favorites. We can also perform software and hardware upgrades to make your computer run better for you. 

Cell Phone and Tablet Repair

Stop looking through a cracked screen. 

Cracked screen repairs for cell phones and tablets. If your smart phone, tablet, or e-reader has seen better days, bring it in to The Gadget Pro to have it repaired. We also do battery replacement. If you’ve taken actions to conserve battery use and it is still not holding the charge, you might need to repair or replace the battery. We can take a look at your phone or tablet and estimate the cost and time of repair.


Josh Albright

Phone: (970)379-1448

Email: josh@thegadgetpro.net


Sterling, CO 80751

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